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Ruling in favor of the people vs the FCC?

Court Debates Anti-Piracy TV Technology

I'm glad to see a justice get in the FCC's face and say "You can't rule the world." The FCC is getting to the point where free speech and the right to hear said free speech ist verboten. People blame Janet Jackson for a lot of this shit coming down. Oops, I shouldn't write "shit" in my journal; someone might see it and get fucking offended. The FCC is turning into a cross between the Gestapo and the McCarthy witchhunters. What's next? Having to each time we listen to a song or watch a DVD? How about torture? They'll just keep chipping away at our rights until that's an acceptable practice, unless someone stops them. Thank you, Judge Edwards, for telling them off. Let me join you. Hey FCC, fuck off, you bunch of puritantical, fanatical, passionless assholes!


PS: I read Harry Potter and enjoy sex outside of marriage. Put me away. ;P
Fuck the FCC

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