Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

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  • Fri, 18:50: RT @rickygervais: A fucking ridiculous religious belief should not be given any more respect than a fucking ridiculous non religious belief.
  • Fri, 19:03: "@EquestriaDaily: Double Rainboom Premiere Tomorrow.. . http://t.co/4NbDo9H5nB " I've been looking forward to this for months! /) ^3^(\
  • Fri, 19:33: @tmpgoti Is "breeder" a derogatory term? Eh, probably, but who cares? Is not like they have real human emotions, much like Bronies. ;)
  • Fri, 19:59: @tmpgoti That may be the first time anyone had described the ex-pope as "a normal human being". Took being compared to a demon clown, but...
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