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W007! I got a 652 Max Combo tonight on Endless Light. I got stopped at Stage 21, "In the Navy '99." The stupid thing was that I didn't even screw up on the hard part, the 1/8 notes. I guess I got off the beat and was getting all missed for a couple bars. That was enough. Still a new high score and max combo. I'm totally worn out from it all. :P

On a related note, I've been thinking about these and other push-button switches they have at Radio Shack as an alternate to the sheet metal and weatherstripping in the stage arrows. If I put a few in parallel under the Lucite, it could eliminate dead spots and sensitivity issues. I'm thinking 3-5 in each arrow. It would be kind of pricey to retrofit my current stage, not to mention a pain in the butt. It's working fine now, but eventually I want to make another pad so I can do doubles, so I'm working on the logistics in the back of my mind.

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