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I thought I was going to get to sleep in a little, and I was up late last night. Patti took Friday and next Monday off to go to Chicago, so no chauffeuring. Well, Bruce's computer went kaput again. He had this trojan that couldn't be destroyed and his HDD file system is NTFS which doesn't work with MS-DOS boot disks, Windows system disks, or McAfee Rescue disks. After spending all day (about 12 hours) trying to figure out a way to delete this thing, I read a thing about permissions. Oh, yeah, duh. Three minutes later, kbd.dll was deleted and shredded. Voila, problem solved! I just hate when I spend all day trying every trick I think is in the book, and then find the simple answer which is really in the book. The important thing is that I learned something today. I learned to really, really abide by Occam's Razor, that the most straightforward solution is usually correct.

Oh, a postscript to Thursday: I managed to stab myself with a drill. I was trying to leave for pool league and I kept forgetting things and having to come back down the hill to get them. The last time, I turned on the recessed lights in the kitchen, got what I needed (I forget what it was now), and then turned off the lights. There was a cordless drill with an 1/8" bit pointing at the switch. When I pulled my hand back, I stabbed the bit into my hand, knocking the drill off the counter. The battery went flying, crashes everywhere. I got a 3/4" long gash on the back webbing between the thumb and index finger. It's mostly superficial, but pity and money in lieu of flowers and cards are appreciated.

It's really hard to band-aid that part of the hand. Last night I put the Neosporin on the cut, but a straight band-aid on it, and then put a latex glove on over that. I was like a retarded Moonwalker Michael Jackson. But the band-aid and ointment stayed in place overnight.
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