Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

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  • Sun, 17:57: @JenaYoungTweet @aonpodcast Joker is reference to Batman ending http://t.co/zDVavNuF Nightmare includes echo to keep me from hitting snooze.
  • Mon, 03:06: Just played BioShock for the first time. Made it through to the Neptune thingy. Exorcising Little Sisters; hope it's worth my while.
  • Mon, 03:33: RT @ZorkFox: You know… when my landlords don't cash my rent check right away, it makes me nervous. If you want the money on the 1st, FUC ...
  • Mon, 03:55: My cat just sneezed and it sounded like lightsabers clashing.
  • Mon, 05:23: I just finished watching Soul Eater. Awesome anime series. Thanks to @TheMoreYouNerd, Maureen and Barrett for the suggestion.
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