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Ok, another new meme I've come up with.

6° of Separtation, LJ Edition.
1. Go to your Friends page.
2. Click on the most recent LJ User to post.
3. Put their name on the list, add a little flavor text quote, user pic, whatever.
4. Go to their Friends page.
5. Repeat 2-4 until you have 6 names. Back up and pick the next person down if you get in a loop. Make this: ° by holding Alt while typing 248 on your keypad, then release Alt.)
6. Check their Friends list. Anyone in common?

My 6°:
1°: joshwasta
[LJ Friends collage]

2°: spacecoyote1981
"Objective 1: Total Destruction of Current Societal Construct in Order to Further Take Over the World- 0.0001983% complete."

3°: animal_eyes
"The biggest desire of my life is to be a stripper!"

4°: stjudesshipper
"Best wallowing music ever! I shall now wallow...in STYLE!"

5°: auril_saspen
"I need a hug./Really, I do./Lots of them./Will you hug me?/Make my pain go away"

6°: megz4297
"Ok, so I dyed my hair, and it's kinda dark, but I like it."

No LJ friends in common. joshwasta is the only friend on the list.


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Feb. 17th, 2005 12:49 am (UTC)
Ok, that was hard. It took me several edits, but I finally got it looking pretty OK.

My first problem was I included a huge picture from someone's journal, but then all the other text piled up on the right side, even though I included a < br >. Now, why is that? HTML can be confusing sometimes. I gave up and deleted the picture.

I think my problem has to do with choosing alignment on the picture. I choose left as a matter of course, but then my text piles up on the right. I need an "align left" for my text. (Humm. I could probably do that with a < p > tag. That would make sense. Why didn't I try that?)

Feb. 17th, 2005 06:05 am (UTC)
In your <img> tag use align=left and after the text put a <br clear=all>. That keeps it from piling up.
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