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Firewall and Antivirus

I got paid today, and so am now all hooked up. I can now visit unknown sites without fear of utter annihilation of my computer. Yay!

So in honor of being able to venture into the unknown reaches of the internet, I visited, or rather vizisited, gizoogle.com, a parody search engine, apparently by Snoop Dogg. Don't roll your eyes, tho. It's classy. They have Shakespeare there:

ta be, or not ta be . Bow wow wow yippee yo yipee yay.
that be tha question like a tru playa'. crazy ass
nigga tis pimp in tha mind ta rappa tha perpetratin' n
arrows... ta sleep. perchance ta dream...

From tha play about tha crazy ass Dizane, Hamlet. It's hiz famed soliloquizy, b'yotch!

Maybe I should try to catch up on the sleep I didn't get enough of last night. No wonder, what with waking up with all y'all in my bed this morning. ;)
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