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Full Inbox = Happiness | New Meme

Terry FarrellI've had 14 emails today, and 13 from LJ. It's so nice to get mail, especially from people who care. As an added bonus, I found out that I'm only 2 degrees of separation from Terry Ferrell, thanks to joshwasta. Hooray!

Kevin BaconThat puts my Kevin Bacon number at 4:

I know Wasta from college and LJ.
Wasta was babysat by Terry Farrell.
Terry Farrell was in Bonfire of the Vanities, The (1990) with Kevin Dunn.
Kevin Dunn was in Stir of Echoes (1999) with Kevin Bacon.

Of course, I have a KB# of 3 through John Astin, who I met at a Thai restaurant in Des Moines one summer. But through Terry Farrell is better. :)
John Astin was in Frighteners, The (1996/I) with R. Lee Ermey.
R. Lee Ermey was in Murder in the First (1995) with Kevin Bacon.

What is your Kevin Bacon number?
(Use the Kevin Bacon Oracle at Virginia for help to jump from a famous person you know.)
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