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Wow, ok! So I saw Mary, Kate, Charly, John, and (grand)Daddy Dave on Friday night. I was told I MUST get on LiveJournal. So, here I am. I've only just looked and found a few old friends, some of whom I haven't seen in a very long time. Many who I haven't found yet would probably not recognize me as I have grown into a beautiful young woman (this is a wonderful inside joke if you are a random stranger). I need to get more current pictures or whatever, update my really bad website, and stop being so reticent. It's not a lack of vocabulary, honest. Perhaps with a little work and dedication (and perhaps a cybernetic implant), I could even become ubiquitous in these pages.

For anyone who hasn't seen or heard from me in the last few years or so— those who think I may have died or fallen from the face of the earth— let me provide an update.

I am living in Solon (ah, Solon, the home of happiness ;) ), not so far from the alma mater. So many of us alumni get trapped nearby. I didn't realize I had so much company. Really, it isn't so much Solon as it is Lake Macbride. I live with my surrogate mother, Patti, in a house on the lake. I drive her to work and whereever else she needs to go in lieu of rent. More about Patti later.

Let's see... The day before Valentine's Day in 2000, I went to the hospital and had surgery done. How should I put it? They put me under, and I woke up with less than I had when I started. I was sore enough that I couldn't walk for a while, of course. The next day the doctor came in and removed the dressing so I could see the work he'd done. I now have— that's right!— a two-inch long appendix scar! Hooray! They say if they'd waited much longer it could have burst and I could have died.

Oh, yes... In October 2001, I took a plane to Montréal, Canada, and had more surgery done. Yes, that surgery. I think I recovered much more quickly from this one than from the appendectomy. Not much to tell, really.

Now about my fabulous career! I worked as a car insurance agent for 4-1/2 years and then became a life insurance agent. I have denounced my evil ways! So, now I'm unemployed, as I have been for the last 9 months. Hopefully that will end soon.

I've become an avid pool player, and a pretty good one at that. A lot of the credit for this goes to Patti, as she is the one who mentored me and gave me free reign over her pool table. I will take some credit for myself because I have practiced a lot. I've been considering becoming a hustler and parting fools and their money. <joke>Maybe I should settle and become a pro, as they make oh so much money</joke>.

I have two cats: Spot, a big white cat, and Ares, a skinny orange and white cat. They're ever so cute. If you'd like to see them, you can do so here. Not much to see, really.

I love my TiVo.


Well, I can't think of too much else to say starting off. Working of the reticence. Really I am.

Email me if you knew me or know me.

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