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watashi no más recente obsession

I was reading my Discover magazine, and theres an add for Rosetta Stone language course CD-ROMs. They're expensive, but I really like the way they teach it. It's a "dynamic immersion" technique which teaches you everything in the target language and gives you feedback the same way. This is the way that children learn their first language. I mean nobody teaches a child that "carrot" in English is "goo" in babytalk. The child gets the language by being exposed to it all the time. It looks like a great way to learn. Even better for the RS people, they don't have to make a different version based on the student's native tongue. I'd really like to learn Japanese (for some reason, I dunno, maybe to watch anime or Versus in the original language?). This could be pretty cool, but it will be some time before I spend big bucks again.

Edit: I tried to post this on Friday, but the internet at work was frelled up again. That reminds me. Now that Battlestar Galactica is on and Farscape is not, should I start usking "frack" in lieu of "frell?" Frackin' just seems too straightforward (like frickin' or freakin') and frellin' is already a part of my vocabulary. Suggestions?
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