Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

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  • Wed, 15:22: Devious Journal Entry http://j.mp/o1wWqj
  • Wed, 21:21: I got 99 problems, and more money than I can spend ain't one. Of course, having that problem would solve most of the 99...
  • Wed, 21:28: Sorry I'm missing the GOP Circus. Drink for me whenever one says "God." I'm at the hospital, stomach pump in hand.
  • Thu, 00:11: I love how when @wilw immediately replies to @hijinksensue, his cartoon avatar looks down at the other yelling up. Very Brady Bunch! :D
  • Thu, 03:05: #c25k w4d1 complete. 2.116 miles in 31:38, 16 mins running.
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