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Trippy Dream

In a dream I had last night, I was sitting at a picnic table, and just looking at this dark green fence and watching the trees sway in a breeze. Then it started getting trippy. It was like all the colors started to get more vivid and glowy. The green of the fence turned up in saturation and brightness. The planks started looking a bit more cartoony. The trees seems to sway less like trees swaying in the wind and more like people imitating trees swaying in the wind. I'd already been in a good mood before this started, but now I started to feel a real contentment and a euphoria, like everything was right in the world. Then my vision doubled, and I had the feeling that someone had actually hacked my eyes to achieve all these effects. I crossed my eyes to bring the trees back together. My sense of serenity just seemed to grow and grow. i don't remember how it ended. I may have just woken up.

It was a quite pleasant experience, actually. Bizarre, surely, but really relaxing.
Tags: dream, trippy

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