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I went outside today!

I got on my bikini, rubbed on some tanning lotion and just laid in the sun on my dock for about 30 minutes. Then I went swimming for another half-hour.

Yes, I know! Me? Out of doors? Tanning? Exercising?

I asked my teammate at pool league tonight if she could tell that I'd tried to tan. I got that appraising look like she couldn't but didn't want to hurt my feelings because I was so seemingly proud. So I said, "It's ok for you to say, 'No.'" She seemed pretty relieved and said, "No."

Our team is still #1, and the pairings of Chris and I and of Bill and I are #1 and #2 ranked. We won all three rounds tonight. I really am very proud of my team. The other girl on the team started off as a novice and has become a strong player in her own right. Unfortunately, the team will disolve this autumn because neither Chris nor Kirsten can play. It's very sad, but C'est la vie, I guess.
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