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A few quick things

CONvergence was awesome! Paul and Storm were fantastic and set the pirate meme in motion for the rest of the con. The Guests of Honor were fantastic sports. I spent $0 at the Art Auction, although I tried. Some pics at my Flickr.

Had my echocardiogram yesterday. Doc says my heart is unlikely to implode, and I've been cleared to start exercising again. He also said exercise could help get rid of the PVC's.

I got my replacement phone from Virgin Mobile today, It is working on 3G and I can move apps from the phone to the card and back. Problem solved! Thank you Oscar the supervisor at VMCS.

I'm on Google+! It's looking very nice so far. I hope it crushes Facebook like Facebook crushed MySpace. I have invites. Let me know if you'd like one.

So, lots of good news this week.

I am starting to worry about Spot, though. She's been throwing up, which isn't her thing. I may need to take her in to the vet sooner than scheduled. She's not lethargic, but I'm still concerned.


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Jul. 8th, 2011 08:40 pm (UTC)
I love Paul and Storm! I saw them open for Jonathan Coulton and they were just as funny and appealing as their headliner.

Could Spot have eating something (dirt, flowers, bug, household item) that disagreed with her? My Maggie would eat dust bunnies and get sick.
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