Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

All wired up and nowhere to go

I went to the doctor today, and I found that my blood results were pretty normal. Evidently the hospital had the wrong address for sending me those results as a patient, even though the family practice had it right and it's right on the paycheck I receive from that same hospital. e_e;; Also, I didn't get my referral to see an ENT set up when I was seen a couple weeks ago, so I got that set for Monday. I may get scoped! Who knows? Also, because of the palpitations and SoB problems, I got sent to get hooked up with electrodes for a couple days. I'm wearing a tiny EKG around my neck and have four leads taped to my body. Hopefully, I'll actually experience the flutter and get it recorded.

I may end up going to see the new Pirates movie, as P really wants to see it.
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