Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Just did C25k W1D1. Didn't die. It's a good thing.


I ran too fast during the run parts, under 9min/mi. High pollen count didn't help. I'm only a couple months behind on getting started with this this year. I took my two puffs of albuterol before hand, so that may have helped. I had the burning throat thingy after about the 6th run, but my legs felt fine. Also my head hurt, maybe from the pollen. I did make it all the way, though. I will go again on Tuesday and try to keep my pace closer to 10 min/mi. Listened to @AirForceTed's You Don't Have to Run Alone podcast. Thanks, Ted.

Numbers are:
Running: 1.01 mi in 9:00, 8:55 pace.
Walking: 1.41 mi in 22:29, 15:59 pace.
Overall: 2.41 mi in 31:29, 13:02 pace.
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