Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Cleaning Machine

Today, I have done laundry. I also vacuumed and Bisselled the apartment. I also vacuumed and Bisselled half the common hallway because my neighbor has drug out trash, and bits of garbage and garbage juice littered the hallway. The water in the Bissell after was a dark gray and smelled like a moldy compost heap. I aired out my apartment and the hallway for good measure, and plugged in an air freshener in the hallway outlet. Hopefully, it will stay clean and nice-smelling.

Also, I went for a walk to Fareway with my "Yeah, Toast" canvas bag and got some things, including a refill for the aforementioned air freshener.

English needs a good single-word antonym for stinky. Japanese has one, iinioi.

ETA: I also applied for my homestead credit. Super-productive today, I am.
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