Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

ISS will pass almost directly over my head tomorrow just after sunset!

Tomorrow from 5:23 to 5:29pm, I'm going to go up to the roof of the parking garage at work and (if it's not cloudy) watch the International Space Station pass within a degree of the zenith. It'll come very close to the Moon and appear at its closest approach to be nearly as bright as Venus at its brightest!

Hopefully these images will work. It's the skypath as viewed from Iowa City.
Sky Path

And this is the ground track:
Ground Track

Literally right overhead!

If you're in the Iowa City/Coralville area, this should be visible about the same time.

If you're along the ground track line, you can see this, too. Of course, if you're curious, you can always check your local times and positions for an ISS flyover at Heavens Above. Just input your location and pick ISS.
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