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Unexpected Gifts

yellow_p used his mad skillz and my ThinkGeek wishlist to find perfect gifts for me. He is such a sweetie with a taste for opera, a Hermione-like penchant for worrying about tests and papers he's going to ace, and modesty beyond measure. (I dare you to deny it!)

Unfortunately, my wishlist mailed to my old address. (I have since deleted that address now.) So I had to wait a few extra days. The suspense was ecstatic. But Patti brought the package to league tonight.

First, I found this: Offline Mode pajama top. It will definitely replace my Eeyore top tonight. *squee* Tech-savvy friends at league found it very amusing.

Then there was a little box, containing a cubicle doorbell. I've kind of wanted one of these since I saw (and heard) the one at snakewich's office. I set it to meow. Ares is running scared, but Spot is trying to figure out how they got the cat into a little 3" box. I guess this is even more confusing to them than cats on the intertubes. I hope people actually use this because I'm constantly getting startled by people unintentionally sneaking up behind me while I'm working and listening to podcasts.

Thank you so much Herr Kim! It was so nice to have a pleasant surprise, and I will put them to good use. :D


Jan. 12th, 2011 02:03 am (UTC)
Sounds like some very sweet gifts.

The cubicle doorbell is great!
Heh, I can so imagine spot nosing around it.

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