Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Juggling Woot!

So, I've taken up juggling. I've got the 3-ball cascade down and am starting to try some other stuff that I'm pretty much making up. I'm doing over/under, and all-over, and throwing higher.

The beanbag balls I have right now are cheap made-in-China versions that came with the workshop that I attended at TAM8. They are not quality items. I keep sewing the seams shut, but I've lost a lot of millet from each one. The vinyl tears along the stitching pretty easily, so if I continued, I'd end up with something that was completely stitches filled with about 10 birdseed.

So tonight, I decided to order a set of Squosh beanbag balls along with a book, The Art of Juggling, from Dubé Juggling Supplies. fireboydan liked them on Facebook and says they've got good stuff. It'll be nice to have some good balls to work with and a book to learn some new stuff from.

Well, I'm off to stitch my balls up again. :P
Tags: juggling

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