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This Made My Day

Today had been kinda crappy in general. Work was bad with the ER busy and every floor calling for charts that they hadn't gotten because our file room (rear) printer is still broken and the admit sheets were printing in the front. Doing anything that requires printing means I have to go up front to get it, a trek of about 60m. Bleh. I'm really tired from little sleep last night. Pool league ran long tonight (although I did win 3 of 4 with two shutouts). When we got home, I tried to put the trash out, but the bag leaked coffe grounds and ewww all over the floor. I needed to take it up the hill to the bin, but the outside light downstairs burned out since we'd gotten home. I used the upstairs light, but when I tried hefting it into the bin, I came up short and dropped it in the shadow of the bin and was unable to see the handle, so I got ewww all over my hands. As per my last post, the groundhog saw his shadow. On top of it all, this would have been my father's 61st birthday. He died of a stroke in '99.

But Floyd made it all seem better. I was taking off my clothes and throwing them with the other dirty clothes, but I missed with my underwear. Floyd was laying on his back nearby, and they landed on his face. I laughed and said, "Boy, you got a panty on your head..." He got up, tried to back out of them to no avail. He tried leaping out of them, only to get them over his head and left front leg. He ran down the stairs, and I was guffawing and crying at the antics of the tuxy cat. I followed him down the stairs and he had managed to escape, the panties laying beside him.

PS: Thanks to ladypentacles for teaching me about Imbolc. The light is lit; it blesses my abode.

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