Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

This is what I get for leaving early

My 5k race on Saturday, I ran in 29:08, which is a new personal record. I decided not to stick around for the awards, etc, since I doubted I'd place.
bib number:     2354
age:            35
gender:         F
location:       Solon, IA
overall place:  51 out of 118
division place: 3 out of 14
gender place:   21 out of 76
time: 	        29:08
pace:           9:23
gun time :      29:18

See that?! 3 out of 14 in my division! I PLACED, AND DIDN'T STICK AROUND! dammit. ;P
Check it out. O.O

ETA: Also thanks to Andy and Charles Orton, who were keeping such a perfect pace that I ran right behind or beside them for almost the whole race. It made it much easier to keep running. Special congrats to Andy, who also placed 3rd in his division, the sub-20 boys group. :)
Tags: 5k, personal record, race, running
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