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Run Report for 6/15

Intervals 11x 4/1
Today, I went up to the dealership in Hiawatha to get that Check Engine Light checked out and have them do an oil change (since it's close to time for one, anyway). I decided to look for running routes up there and noticed there is a trail converted from a rail line. These are all over Iowa, but this one is less than a half mile from the dealership. So, I'd decided to try intervals with 4:00 running and 1:00 walking. It was raining pretty steadily, and I was totally soaked by the time I got back, but it did keep me cool. My runs were at anywhere from 8:08 to 9:56/mi. Even my walking segments were at a faster pace than usual. The trail is just wonderful. It's blacktop and about 8-10 feet wide with lots of greenery bounding it. Crossroads are well marked and none of them delayed me since they were low traffic. This made for the opportunity to use a technique that seems to help me when I've run on tracks before. I just look down and watch my feet and the trail just flows by. I glance up every dozen paces or so to make sure my path is clear. It's almost hypnotic and very relaxing, and I noticed my stride a bit better. I could see how my feet were hitting the ground, how they'd each kind of fly forward just over the streaming trail and then hover before making contact and being dragged back. I put a little more spring in my stride the last couple laps, and went from just barely sub-10's to sub-9's. Overall, I ran 4.72 miles in 43:06, and walked 0.64 miles in 10:00 for 5.36 in 53:06. That's a 9:55/mi pace, which is better than my recent training and not far behind my 5K's. (Actually at the 30:00 mark I was at 3.05 miles. I could have reached 5K in sub-30:00, but I was trying to keep to the 4/1.) I think I'll keep up with this interval for a while and work on my stride. I noticed a marked change in pace when I put more spring into it, and it felt like I was putting less effort into it. Probably because I was in the air more. Maybe skipping's the way to go. ;)
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