Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Running and Mulberry News Now!

Intervals 3x 12/4
I decided to take a bit different route today, a bit hilly, but I thought I might not lose the GPS as readily over in the camping area on the other side of Mehaffey Bridge Rd. I was set to run 12 minutes with 4 minutes walking between, and if I feel okay to finish the walks early, I could always hit the lap button and skip to the next run. Well, I did decide to end the first walk after only about 2.5 minutes, but I hit the start/stop button, which only pauses it, and didn't notice until probably about 8 minutes later. Crap. So my lap info on here are off for the second run. I remapped it and did about 3.43 miles overall. It was a beautiful prevening, not too hot, and not at all chilly. I took the run easy, not wanting to overdo it, especially since I knew there'd be more hills than I usually run.

P made kebabs tonight. Very tasty! Afterward, I went out to the dock to pick mulberries. She'd picked what she could yesterday, but there were plenty more available. I MacGyvered a hook out of a broom handle, a pegboard hook, and some duct tape so that I could pull in some of the farther branches. Many of the branches are over the water, so one must be very careful not to fall in. I gathered until the light faded enough that I couldn't tell the ripe berries from the rest, or from the leaves for that matter. I brought them in and rinsed, drained and dried them, picked out some twiggy bits and spiders and had about 1¼ pints which are ready for snakewich to make into something awesome.
Tags: mulberries, running

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