Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

C25K 9.2!

Holiday Inn is nice. It's got free wi-fi and a free workout room. So
today was my first time on a treadmill. It was interesting getting
used to not actually going anywhere while walking and running. I
walked about 2, ran 15.5, walked about 4, and ran another 15-ish, and
walked 5 to cooldown. It was 3.75 miles, and I set my running parts at
10:00/mi and the walks at 16:40/mi. It's nice to be able to keep
track of that perfectly. I can tell it uses a little different muscle
groupings in my calves, but the workout was really not hard at all.
Race on Monday around Lake Nokomis in MPS! Oh, also, you know how you
watch scrolling credits at the end of a movie and the last bit is
static, but it looks like it's going down? Imagine the whole world
doing that! I was having serious problems with my equilibrium after I
got off the mill. Hehe. Took a few minutes to clear up, too
Tags: c25k, running

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