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Marion Arts Festival 5k - Race Report

I just got home from my race. I saw the clock coming up to the finish, and knew I had a chance to break 30 minutes, so I sprinted the last hundred meters or so. Chip time was 29:59. They didn't give out badges for finishing, just the timing slips, and prizes to top finishers. This one girl broke the course record with a 15:02 I think. She was all legs and stringy, classic distance runner physique. I don't even usually run under 10's in my regular runs, but in the pack, I was able to keep up a good pace. Splits were 8:58 for mile 1, 10:29 for mile 2 (I fast walked for a almost 3 minutes after the half-way point water station), and 10:31 for the last 1.11 miles. I just cannot get over how awesome it felt to beat that goal, and after only 2 months of running. Every once in a while on the way home, I'd think about it and just cackle with glee!

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