Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Finished C25K Week 5!

Just finished W5D3. Slowed my pace a bit to 10:13/mi running and did the whole 20 minutes without stopping or walking. That's over 1.9 miles straight! I'm thrilled. I really was worried that I might not make it, but I knew I could do 8 minutes no problem, and then I got my halfway chime, and then I only had 5 minutes left, and then 3, and then it was all about thinking that if I didn't make it, I'd have to try again on Friday, but if I did make it, I'd get to do intervals on my next run! When I got my cooldown chime, I wanted to throw up my arms and yell, "Yatta!" but I couldn't lift them and I was a bit out of breath. Haha, but I did it and that's the important thing.
Tags: c25k
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