Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Plushes Post-Wash Plus Spot

Plushes Post-Wash Plus Spot, originally uploaded by mandydax.

The plushes made it through the wash and double-dry cycles just fine. They are clean, happy, and fresh-smelling. Guest appearance by Spot, who did not take part in the sundry launderism.

Kite Flying, originally uploaded by mandydax.

Brian and I went out to fly my double-keeled kite. I got this over a year and a half ago at the Mall of America. It was so much fun!

This one is Brian at the controls. It took him a few times to get the hang of it.

Below I've added four photos of the kite in flight; one of me flying the kite taken by Brian; and one of Spot sitting on the dock steps, looking pretty, like she does.

Kite Flying Kite Flying Kite Flying Kite Flying Kite Flying Spot on the Dock Steps


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