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New Rules

Ok, don't go to www.clean-your-screen-for-free-now.com, or whatever it was. Bruce asked if I'd checked my email the other night because he'd sent me a link to a cute site that will clean the inside of your computer montior screen. A joke of course. It brings up a kitten licking the inside of your monitor. I only went there because he told me himself that it was safe. I should know better than to trust his judgement on such things as many times as I've had to clean his computer of the browser hijackers and viruses, etc. So I got 3 trojans, 1 virus, and 8 versions of CoolWebSearch AdWare hijacker. It took me all weekend to clean it out. I think I finally got it. So, my new rules:

1. If the site has "free" in the name, it is verboten.
2. If Bruce tells me something is "virus-free," this means "free virus."
3. MS Internet Explorer is not my friend. It is the Antichrist.
3.1. Get Firefox this week.
4. Bruce gets no more help cleaning the crap out of his computer.
4.1. Tell Bruce that it is not his wife's, his children's, his cats', or his dog's fault th crap is in his computer.
5. Feel really dumb if I break these rules.

Ok, so I guess these are also resolutions. I'm a dip-shit. :P

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