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I'm So Lame (DDR and Kittens)

It's been like forever since I posted in or even read LJ. But my Friends List is poppin'! I had to go back to skip=140 to get back to where I left off. (Memo to myself 1/4 3:51pm.)

So, quick update!

I got the DDR. On Tuesday, I went to the only place tha said they were even getting a PS2 last week, Video Games Etc. in CV. They said they'd get one on Friday (the 7th). I went down after everyone else said that they didn't have one. I put a depostit down on it, even after I found out I had to buy it as part of a package: the PS2 console w/ controller ($150), extra controller ($20), $40 in used games, and up to a $50 new game. It came in on Thursday, so I got it and took it home. My new game was DDRMax2 ($40). So I got $260 of stuff for $250. The used games are Clone Wars, Oni, DBZ Budokai, and Enter the Matrix. If you haven't played EtM, get it. It it SO COOL! The dance pad works great. Ok, it only works ok. But I'll rip out more duct tape and maybe redo the wiring to get a better step area. I did manage to get a AA 75 Full Combo on Spin the Disk light, and I got up to 81 Max Combo on Twilight Zone (I think) light. Anyway, it really is a great aerobic workout, even with breaks between songs. I may end up making a couple nonstop mixes to go 10 minutes without a break. I'm very happy with that.

Kittens are getting really big. Only 33 days old and they're already biting and playing and running and jumping and climbing. They're so adorable. I'll get a couple of videos up on the web soon. SO CUTE I NEEDED INSULIN!

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