Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

Movie #6: Primer


My rating: 3 of 5 stars, might get bumped higher upon second viewing...
This is a time travel movie, but very different from others I've seen. It really deals with many of the actual limitations on time-travel that the laws of physics imposes, which I found very refreshing. It is really brilliant the way they dealt with the [TECH] issue that so many episodes of Star Trek suffered from.

I might need to watch this again just to grasp all the plot points though. Sometimes it was hard to tell who was when, and the plot is extremely twisty, a necessary evil. This story is hard to tell. I kind of wish I had a diagram or something to help me grasp all the little turns.

I gather that this movie was on a budget of $7000 and won an award at Sundance. Very impressive. There aren't any flashy special effects, but it really didn't need them. Be prepared to be confused, though.
Tags: 2010 movies, movie reviews, movies, primer, time travel
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