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Speaking of Braille... / #1 Sherlock Holmes / Fry and Laurie

(I was speaking with someone on LJ about Braille. ... just go with it.)

Braille Fail
moar funny pictures
Sherlock Holmes

My rating: 5 of 5 stars
I went to see Sherlock Holmes tonight. Maybe I'm getting better at deduction from watching all those forensic criminology shows and "Death Note" and watching magicians, but I was able to come up with almost every major plot point.
  • The gallows trick, with the metabolism-reducing poison (eat your heart out, Juliet).
  • The identity of the teacher in the coach.
  • The manner of death for both the ambassador and the head of the order.

I didn't figure out the cursing of the guard, but I figured in 1880's London it wouldn't be unreasonable for Blackwood to have chanted at a man who believed in black magic until he had a hysteric fit from the fear of it. Placebos can have powerful effects on those who believe in them.

I did thoroughly enjoy it, however. It was exciting, and Guy Ritchie's directorial style makes action look really great. The plot wasn't thin, even if I was able to see through it in places. There were a lot of good laughs as well; To the tall dude sitting in front of me, you nearly got a full-mouthed spray of Diet Pepsi to the back of your spiky little head. (Thank Marcus for raked seating.)
Earlier, I did manage to (finally) finish watching "A Bit of Fry and Laurie" with bits of Stephen Fry and bits of Hugh Laurie. I had to return two defective disks that wouldn't stop skipping or continue reading, even after resurfacing them. This third one Netflix sent me had skips in it, too, but they buffed out. It's like someone used them as coasters in a sandpaper factory.
Anyway, who watches The Watchmen? I will do that, in just a bit. Allons-y!
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