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Ta-Da! / Patti's Present / Brain Pain

Ta-Da! / Patti's Present / Brain Pain

I Caught up on Reading My Friends Page!
But I'm very tired and must sleep soon. I figured out that I shouldn't simply "End Process" on rundll32.exe because it has one ad-ware infected module. That appears to be why the pic wouldn't load in my browser. LaunchCast seems to be working now, moods and all. Yay! "Safety Dance" remix!


Patti's Present
I ended up getting her a scanner. It's Microtek. An off-brand I don't know, but the resolution is great for slides and negs. She forgot to reset the scan res when she went from a neg (1.52" x 1.2") to a 3" x 5" photo print, so the photo was scanned in at 2400 dpi (which is 10.5 megapixels for the neg, and 84.4 megapixels for the photo). The file for the photo was 218MB, and she wondered why her editing programs took so long to do everything! *snicker*

But she's very happy with it. I got the 2-year extended replacement thing from Best Buy, so if the off-brand ends up sucking, she can get a different one. It seems to be doing fine, though.

The downside of being so generous is that I have to put off my DDR purchase a while longer. It's worth it. :)


My Brain
Ok, as a relief to yesterday's post about that pain in my head, I don't think it's anything too serious. I've had the pains a few times today, but it's more localized to behind my eye. I think I may have pulled an eye muscle (is that even possible?). It's hard to not use your eye. Even if you cover it up, it moves in concert with the other. Sleeping has that whole REM thing. Whatever, I'm not worried, and neither should you be.

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