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Xmas & NYE / Dumb Animal / Frankenputer 33-1/3 / Blinkernet

Xmas & NYE / Dumb Animal / Frankenputer 33-1/3 / Blinkernet

Christmas and New Year's Eve
Ok, so here's something that you all probably don't know about me. Also, everyone was evidently too scared to ask me any questions for that one meme.

I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was eight years old. I was very gullible as a child. I was at my grandmother's house for Christmas Eve. All the cousins were there. I was telling how excited I was that Santa was going to come here and leave all the presents I'd asked for. One of my cousins, who was six, said that there wasn't really any Santa Clause; that it was just my parents sneaking out to the living room at night and leaving extra presents. Ok, almost all of my friends on here are geeky enough to know this scene by heart, or pull out one of three versions and watch it: Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back. Me as Luke: "No. That's not true! That's impossible!" Yeah, I was pretty upset.

After we got back from the vacation after the new year, I sat down with my mother and asked her straight out.
"Is Santa Claus real, or have you been lying to me my whole life?"
"No, Santa is not real. Your father and I put the presents out. It's not lying. It's pretend."
"It's only pretend if I knew it was, too.
"I'm sorry."
"So does that mean that the Easter Bunny isn't real either?"
"And the Tooth Fairy?"
"And God?"
"Well, no..."
You can see where I got to be a cynic. I argued the non-existence of God for about half an hour, and she never came up with good proof on that one. "You've just got to have faith." Yeah, like I had faith in Santa. >:P I don't like hearing parents tell their kids that Santa is a real person. I can't help but think it is going to be very damaging to the children when they find out the truth. It felt like a serious betrayal to me.

This came to mind when I was reading friends' LJs and saw the "What Movie Is Your Christmas Most Like?" quiz, with the question "When did you stop believing in Santa Clause? [sic]" The other quiz was a "Were You Naughty or Nice This Year?" quiz and the first question was about how you spent last New Year's Eve. They didn't have "Sick as a dog with the flu and in bed by 9pm." That's my answer to the question. I really want to stay healthy so I can go to Mary's NYE party (with a date!) and give her my personal congratulations about the engagement. Plus, I hate to be sick. It's icky.

Don't freak out when you read this. I'm really not bitter. It's just an anecdote.


Dumb Animal
Ares just tried to jump up onto the windowsill. The window in closed, of course, so the sill is only about and inch wide.
*leap* *smack* *thud* *walks away like he meant to do that*


Frankenputer Again
It's... not alive. I tore all the components out of my VAIO and put them in the Dell. It wouldn't boot. It recognized the drives and the RAM, but wouldn't start Windows. I tried Safe Mode. I tried about a dozen configurations of the BIOS, but it wouldn't work. So, I'm back on the VAIO with 256MB RAM and the new monitor. So frustrating!!! Gr.


My connection is on the blink. It won't download new pictures or stream LC. This sucks. I think I'll go to bed and try to catch up tomorrow.

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