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Pay It Forward

Last night on the way into league, there was this kid driving a truck ahead of us, and the muffler was completely detached from the front part of the exhaust system. The tailpipe was holding it less than an inch off the road. We tried pulling up next to him, honking and waving him over, flashing lights and pointing down, trying to let him know his vehicle is a danger to himself and others. All he needs to do is hit a pothole or a bump in the road and that whole assembly could jam itself into who-knows-what under his truck, and the parts could fall right into the path of a vehicle following him. The guy just wouldn't stop. I understand. I'd get a little freaked out, too. Like that story about the woman who has that guy flashing lights and honking, and she thinks he is out to get her, but really he's just trying to warn her of the axe-murderer in the back seat. But there was still plenty of light out on a well-traveled road. I hope after we gave up that he stopped and checked out his vehicle.

Here's an odd coincidence. This morning I dropped off Patti at work, and she's taking tomorrow off to go to Chicago with Dale, her boyfriend (he looks and sounds just like Sam Elliott; watch Buffalo Girls for Wild Bill, and that is him right down to the mustache). So she packs a carpetbag and puts it in the hatch of the car. When we get to work, she uses her own copy of the key to get in the hatch to her stuff. On the way back to the house, this Asian girl behind me starts honking and flashing her lights, then she speeds up along side of me and does this little hand gesture, which I instantly recognize as miming turning a key in the lock of a car, then takes her exit to the interstate. I realize what happened, pulled over, checked, and sure enough, Patti's key is in the trunk lock. I want to give a big thank you to her, whoever she was. I hope I paid this kind action forward retroactively.

Speaking of paying it forward, I put a quarter in an expired meter on Saturday at the Co-op. I wouldn't have thought to put one in my own, but I always check meters for the enforcement days and times ever since I got a $10 parking ticket in Cedar Rapids on a Saturday. Most of the meters in Iowa City are M-F, but these include Saturday as well. I've had people plug my meter anonymously, and I think it's a great thing to do.

I really need to see that movie.

On a separate note, Big game fishing, relaxing
hooked a swordfish
jumped out of the water
speared his left arm, pinning him to the deck, couldn't reach the rifle
swordfish rips his arm off at the shoulder bloodlessly
swordfish grabs the rifle and starts shooting him as he staggers toward the bow
this blows an oil line and other chemicals on him, his skull is shattered
he wakes up on a beach, restored but different
there are two C battery-sized cylinders oozing glowing yellow-green slime
his skull is metal and his eyes glow pale violet
-this is all flashback
a man tells Dr. Bashir that the incident has left him with great power and extended sight
the man explains that there is one chemical in human sight and other chemicals for other bands of light
he now has three (yes, the oil and other chemicals must be responsible)
cut to the investigators at an abandoned car, X-Files style
Ezri Dax finds an 8-pack of the batteries and reports
there are 2 coprolite containers missing, enough to turn anyone evil (copro-, isn't that something to do with evil or demons?)
Sisko notes this and asks Julien if there've been any indications of this poisoning on the station
Julien looks normal now and says there isn't, hiding his own change

The phone rings, waking me. No, copro- is poo, and coprolite is a fossilized piece of poo. Dreams are messed up!

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