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Endless Quiz / Frankenputer / Kittens

Endless Quiz / Frankenputer / Kittens

Endless Quiz
I am no longer Death. As I've gotten older, I've become the younger sister. How delirious is that?!

You are most like Delirium of the Endless.
Delirium smells of sweat, sour wines, late
nights, old leather. Her realm is close, and
can be visited; however, human minds were not
made to comprehend her domain. Who knows what
Delirium sees through her mismatched eyes?

Which of the Endless are you most like?
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Ok, so I opened both computers up and found the RAM DIMMs are of the same type. This is great since I had 64MB + 128MB = 192MB in my VAIO and there are 2x 128MB in the new one. Bad thing is that my VAIO has only 2 slots, so I max out at 256MB. The new one has 3 slots, so I could get up to 384MB, but I'll need to pull everything out of the VAIO (CD-R/RW drive, 2x HDD, network card, USB card) and put them in the new one just to get the extra memory. I'll try this in a little bit, or maybe tomorrow.

The good news is that the new computer came with a 17" monitor, which is 2" more than the VAIO, so I can get a higher resolution without lowering the pixel size much. Also with that extra memory, the computer doesn't have to cache to the HDD as much as so runs noticeably faster.

The bad news is that the HDD in the new one is actually 2GB instead of 10GB, so it wouldn't be viable as a jukebox unless I bought a new HDD for it or for the VAIO. Neither option is really cost effective probably.

Computer geeks, do you know if a Pentium II 400MHz with 384MB RAM or a Celeron 466Mhz with 256MB RAM runs faster given the same OS (XP) and everything else? I'm thinking the P2 because it has a 4x larger L2 cache (whatever that means ;) ). I'll probably try both and see for myself. I just hope there's no problem in just switching the drives. I've heard that a differnt BIOS can make a difference, but again, I'll have to try it.


Kitten Update
Butch and the babies are doing even better than yesterday. It looks like they're in the clear. The kittens are growing noticeably, and they're only three days old.

Also: Names! Coming home from the store yesterday, Floyd greeted us, and Patti mentioned how the tuxy kitten looks like him. I said, "Maybe we could name his Sigmund. Then we'd have Sigmund, Floyd." Sure, it's a bad pun, but Patti liked it, and so we dubbed him Sigmund. For the other, the calico, I suggested Cassidy. Then we'd have Butch, Cassidy. She hasn't approved it, but I like it. Cassie and Ziggy.
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