Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

From Twitter 08-18-2009

  • 05:23:43: Just aced her ASL102 final. <3 online courses.
  • 07:33:39: In horrible manglement news, I broke up a cat fight. Hand now wrapped in gauze. Nothing srs, but lots & lots of nasty scratches. Pissed ...
  • 07:35:17: In a further development, the calendar is actually 139 days ahead of where it should be! #watson24hour
  • 10:36:35: @qikipedia not Constantinople? :(
  • 10:39:22: Poured superglue all over my minced left hand. I think it hurts, but the fumes have mitigated it. Hope I can still sign.
  • 10:39:33: Night, tweeps.
  • 18:26:26: RE http://bit.ly/19cNFs Next book will be entitled "Who @amandapalmer Killed." Hope your day gets better sweetie. :(
  • 18:45:54: RT @HellZiggy: Send me to Antarctica! - vote for me at http://echothis.info/1A4 If you all vote for me and retweet this I've got a chance!
  • 18:47:48: @GeorgeHrab Midget Snuff Porn: The Little Death. PS: Saving you a seat in the handbasket. ;)
  • 19:05:02: @Tim3P0 @dELYSEious Yeah, but TESTEfy sounds even worse!
  • 22:51:31: #datemyavatar "Sorry, babe, u know my Lay on Hands has a 20 min c/d." "Yeah, unfortunately it's an instant, too." (@feliciaday)
  • 22:58:45: #datemyavatar "Need to find someone for that '2-person quest?' There's an app for that. Only on the iPwn." (@feliciaday)

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