Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

From Twitter 08-17-2009

  • 00:27:12: @rebeccawatson Collect those tears and share them at TAM8, please!
  • 00:33:35: is going to watch Brazil. It has been a while...
  • 03:54:40: I really liked being able to go back after and hear the commentary during some parts. Mr. Palin, you're one messed up dude. <3 **** #Brazil
  • 03:56:18: I'm going to take the plunge and try watching #Lost. If I don't return, I'm sure I've met Sam's fate from the end of Brazil.
  • 08:05:09: Just finished watching 1st 5 epis of #Lost. Is kind of interesting, but I'm not losing my shit ovr it lk ppl do. h8 @replies in 3, 2, 1...

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