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From Twitter 08-14-2009

  • 00:28:40: Gah! >:( stupid @tweetdeck app crashes out and only shows stuff from a day ago. Love the desktop vers. But the app drives me batshit.
  • 00:42:47: @rebeccawatson re: Gadget. Ditto. So ditto.
  • 00:45:03: Day 3 of vegetarian expt. PB cookie, corn chowder, veggie burger, ffries, orange. Just realized Jello is prolly off the menu. Feeling fine.
  • 03:09:03: thinks all this ASL practice may give her carpal tunnel. It's pr awesome, v expressive, qt beautiful.
  • 06:41:29: @Flower76 Premise is to consider the suffering of the what I'm consuming. Eggs should be ok. Hard to figure where the line is. I dunno. :\
  • 06:45:06: RT @jimgaffigan: Biting into a chocolate chip cookie and realizing it's an oatmeal raisin cookie is kind of like finding out she's a dude.
  • 07:06:32: @SkepticZone No one could replace you, sweetie! Who'd eat all this food and fold all this paper? ;)
  • 09:36:08: @bobbyllew add a clear slicker with a yellow rainhat and you're all set. ;)

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Aug. 15th, 2009 03:32 am (UTC)
If your premise is to consider/eliminate the suffering, the eggs will probably have to go. Unless you personally are acquainted with the chickens and have seen how they live.

Do you remember Cadry Nelson of No Shame fame? I think she is a smidge younger than me, class of 96 or 97 (UIowa) if I remember correctly. Anyway, she's got a great veg eating blog at www.cadryskitchen.com that you may or may not find useful/interesting on your current journey.
Aug. 15th, 2009 09:31 am (UTC)
Yeah, see, this is why I tend to dislike philosophy. Drawing stupid lines in the stupid shades of grey sand. It gets me to thinking, and that makes my brain hurt. :\

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