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Presents / Latex / Frankenputer / DDR?

Well, I've decided to make chenille scarves for some people for whom I don't know what to get. At Wal-Mart today, there was no thick chenille in black, the type I wanted to get because I can use an N-size hook and churn out a 72" x 6-8" scarf in about an hour and the color I wanted because it goes with anything. They had some skeins of the thin black chenille, so I got those. I started to make one with this thin chenille and decided that it wasn't going to be thick enough to be funtional, and it would take forever to finish. So I had some regular white yarn lying around from the blanket I did earlier this year, and decided to do two strands as one. It's not as nice and soft as my thick red chenille scarf, but it is a pretty effect with the two texures and colors. I finished one scarf.

Also, while at WM, I got flower76 a present which will be revealed later. I was walking by and saw it and knew it was perfect. So: <zim>Begin your anxious anticipation, simple-minded human party-thrower, for all that you hope and dream of will be DOOMED... by my incredibly advanced gifting technology.</zim>


Graham says:Graham says: It's all just SO slippery!
... or maybe just an insane idea. I'm going to wear latex gloves to bed. I'm going to put lots of moisturizer on my hands and then put on a pair of latex gloves. You may say, "But Miranda, why do you have latex gloves?" Simple. I bought them at WM. Not just for this purpose, of course. I find they're useful for hair coloring and cleaning catboxes, as well as making huge water balloons.

No, really. It's not a kinky thing. I'm only worried that I'll wake up and not realize that the gloves have my hands in them, and start to scream that "a dentist is molesting me!" I know that's not really funny once you think about it, but it's hysterical that it was the first thing that popped into my mind as a concern.

Oh, I totally digressed. The reason I'm doing this moisturizing-latex-gloves thing is that I found that after a long work day of having my rubber finger on (rubber finger is that rubber thimble-like thing put on a finger to help flip thru papers), that finger's skin looks fabulous! No hangnails or dry, cracked skin, just hand-model style beauty, if only for the last ¾-inch. So, yeah, it totally is sane.


I still haven't gotten a chance to make my Frankenputer. I haven't even set up the new one as is. I suck. Maybe tomorrow. Wow, I haven't procrastinated like this since college. It makes me feel young again! ;)


Holy Crap! The best pad appears to be the $100 one. It's the only one I saw on the EB site that didn't have some illiterate 13-year-old writing as a comment, "tihs pad suck!!! i play it 4 5 days & teh down arow dont work haf teh time. dont by it!! it SUCK!!!!!!!!!!!" The one that looks highly recommended (by the literate, no less; I guess you have to be able to read and type to earn enough money to buy one) is the same one flower76 has that unzips.

Due to Butch's complications, Patti has a $450 vet bill that will sap her resources, so I'm chipping in a little more to help out. I was thinking I'd be able to get the whole setup this week, but it's looking doubtful. Probably it is for the best since I have three long nights of pool playoffs this week and probably wouldn't be able to get it out of the box, much less play it.

SpyroAlso, when I had the PS2 before, I was a Spyro the Dragon freak, and now there's a new game out, so that may have to be my I-don't-feel-like-dancing game. I'll make sure to use the DDR pad to control the dragon. That should be fun.

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