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From Twitter 07-26-2009

  • 09:48:14: Needed a laugh, so watched this http://bit.ly/gJ5L5
    That third one gives me an idea for a flash mob for #cvg2010
  • 10:23:18: .@warrenellis I immediately thought of this... http://bit.ly/UjzZs
  • 19:22:57: .@GeorgeHrab iRate: When you give one star and a bad review to an iPhone app.
  • 20:20:29: Watching Monsterquest on THC. Looking for short-faced bear. 1t megafauna. Wondering if Bigfoot mated with superbear. OMFFSM!!
  • 20:23:26: RT @jbrydle: @Discovery Wasn't Phil Plait a great panel moderator? Don't you think he deserves a show on your fine network? -Hearhear!!
  • 20:28:14: Yes, Headset Vince! I love your nuts!! #slapchop
  • 20:41:19: Inuit giant bear legends now. Because legends are always true. Y'know, like dragons and unicorns.
  • 20:43:50: Wow, @TiVo, it's so weird watching commercials. It's like turning over a flagstone on a familiar path. All those icky bugs and worms :P
  • 20:52:06: I keep waiting for "UOUS's? Ursines Of Unusual size? I don't think they exist!" ROOOOOOOOOAR! ARRRRRRGH!
  • 21:01:06: PMFSMYAY! ROUS's now on MonsterQuest! XD
  • 21:04:15: If they have an "expert" named Willard, I will fall off my chair.
  • 21:13:15: .@JeffWagg I don't think it's overdoing it at all to cite the CRA. If they gave 10% to any nonprofit, I'd be more likely to choose them.

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Jul. 27th, 2009 03:02 am (UTC)
It sounds like you caught a good show :)

And you are right, unicorns and dragons are real!

Did they describe any of the Northen Woods monsters? Like the Agropelter? :)
Jul. 27th, 2009 03:22 am (UTC)
No, just a lot about bears. Rar, etc. ;)
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