Miranda (mandydax) wrote,

From Twitter 07-22-2009

  • 00:18:44: I think the UND servers are getting slammed. Not getting any response from them ATM.
  • 00:42:56: Watching the webcast at UND. transient clouds... also listening to @georgehrab music while watching "from shanghai" using SkyVoyager app. :D
  • 01:10:48: I think someone knocked over the webcam for the #eclipse webcast. hehe
  • 01:13:43: C'mon webcam dude... it's a pinhole viewer and a webcam, not the Millennium Falcon's hyperdrive...
  • 01:29:14: :( webcast turned the cam to see the crowd, and it just went total. people taking flash photos, wtf?
  • 01:45:14: Webcast was a bit disappointing. :(
  • 02:16:03: .@BrianKeene You could always listen to Me First and the Gimme Gimmes's speed punk version at half-speed.
  • 06:37:14: .@chebutykin rules for the next road trip: http://alunatic.livejournal.com/176657.html Muahahaha!
  • 06:41:18: "Red Snappah. Very tasty." #UHF
  • 08:46:25: The Cat Who Didn't Write a Climax :/
  • 18:47:06: Just figured out that Gattaca is spelled in DNA bases.
  • 18:47:56: Also just disassembled the talking Sorting Hat so it is wearable.
  • 18:49:45: Also trying to hollow out Gideons' bible. Feeling the dust of the word of god in my lungs *cough*cough* :P
  • 19:11:50: @Cthulhoo I pity the push-pull blind when they come to sliding doors.
  • 19:21:10: @dELYSEious I try to weep in grief because my sparkle is gone, but I have to tears after laughing so hard at the new Twilight trailer.
  • 21:34:02: .@stephenfry's speech/q&a at iTunes fest avail as podgram on iTunes. Awesome. Then again, he could read a phone book rivetingly :D

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