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Ladies and Gentlemen, Squirrel Nut Zippers!

So I went into work early today so I could leave at 8:30. Squirrel Nut Zippers are starting a tour and The Iowa Arts Festival was their first stop! They were supposed to start at 9:00, so I walked from work to Ragstock and bought a nice skirt for dancing (the jeans I was wearing actually wasn't staying up so well- I blame the running). Then I walked down towards the stage and got somewhat near the front in the standing room area.

No lights on stage, no sound checks... Then they came out... into the street, into the crowd. They were playing some instrumental and strolling through the assembled masses, which was pretty awesome, although a little confusing. There was a problem, you see. The power was supposed to come from the biology building, but it, um, failed. :( I hung out until about 9:20, and decided to go back to the car (at the hospital) to drop off those jeans, but I didn't want to miss the show if they got the electricity flowing again, so I ran! It's only about 0.4 mile, but I was close to a sprint, didn't have my running shoes, and didn't stretch and all, but I just kept going! It was pretty awesome and felt really good. I didn't get a chance to do my scheduled run today, but this is a good little bit of workout itself. I ran back, and the lights were still out.

About 10:00, I started to walk away, trying to invoke that corollary of Murphy's Law, and sure enough, the band came out into the crowd again and were entertaining, if only with what acoustic instruments they could carry. I wandered back. They were really patient, and so was the crowd. I figure they thought an hour of waiting deserved at least a bit of something. The band is so friendly.

Around 10:15 there was some activity behind the stage, some crossed fingers among the stage personnel, and I figured they'd finally gotten a generator in place and were trying to get it patched in. About 10:30, they tested the mic and flashed the lights. The cheers were deafening! Soon the band took the stage and began to play their instrumental opening song. It was so worth the wait!!

I think I got a playlist put together that matches what they played. I published it to iTunes and am waiting for it to show up. I'll post the link when it's available, but here's what I got:
Memphis Exorcism
Good Enough for Granddad
Bad Businessman
Danny Diamond
Suits Are Picking Up The Bill (this was my introduction to SNZ back in 1998)
The Interlocutor
Put a Lid on It
Hell ( \m/^_^\m/ )
Ghost of Stephen Foster
Flight of the Passing Fancy (CONGA LINE!)
Blue Angel
It Ain't You
Do What
It's Over ( :[ )
Prince Nez (ENCORE!)
I might have gotten the order of some of these wrong, but I don't think I forgot any.

The band is as flamboyant as ever, and they were so much fun to watch and listen to.

It was awesome, and I'm extremely happy that P pointed it out to me, even though she wasn't able to attend.
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