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Blue Me

I've started to feel down again. I got back on my hormones about five weeks ago and I should also have asked to have the amitriptyline started up. It's for my headaches, but it's also an anti-depressant. One drug to take care of the side-effects of the other. Bleah.

I should be happier than I have been as I have rediscovered a lot of friends here. Curse you, imbalanced brain chemistry! It's really strange knowing I should be happy and knowing all the reasons why, and yet still feeling depressed about a couple stupid little things.

I was on fire tonight before I went to pool league. I was practicing and making ball after ball with ease. Then we get downtown and I just can't get it together. I'm probably too hard on myself (see previous paragraph). I won one of three games, with a score of 23/30 for the night. Our team won all four rounds, which could put us in first place, depending on how the other teams did.

On the way home, Patti was explaining how we need to clean the house. She said, "Downstairs by my exercise bike, there's a smear where the cats have been dragging their asses across the floor." Wow, that is a great ice-breaker. So when we got home, she showed me. Yup, that's a booty-scoot stain. Lucky it's laminated flooring and not carpet.
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