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@mandydax: Got thru W4D2 of #c25k. Barely. Couldn't stand coming up short on the last 5. Just did it. :P 2.5mi in 31:37 incl WU/CD. 12:39/mi. best yet.


It was rainy and thundery earlier, so I had to put off the run. So I went out a little while ago and it was dry on the roads, but still humid, 77°F. The first half isn't bad. I got to a little past the causeway bridge and turned around at the end of my first 5. The last 5 were a lot of "just X:XX to go; just do it," and the last 90 seconds was uphill, but I did it. Rar, I am fierce! (in an animal-run-ragged sort of way.)

Tags: c25k, g25k, w4d2
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