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Birth Announcement!

Butch, the mommy!Butch is a mommy! I just found her under the stairs in a drawer full of old hair rollers. She's given live birth to one tuxy style kitten, and we believe she's still in labor and that more kittens are on the way. I'll put up pix later after she's done with labor and delivery. This makes me an aunt. :)

Babies have these markings.Update: 19:58
That makes two! The second one looks like the first, tuxy style like Floyd. No, Floyd is not the daddy. Floyd can't be the daddy. The likely candidates are this shorthair black cat I call Shadow or a longhair charcoal cat I call Smokey.

Update: 22:02
Still only two, and on closer inspection, the second has quite a bit of calico in her, but mostly tuxy style. There are more on the way, but these things take time. I'm open to suggestions for names, but technically they're Patti's to name. The first is of unknown sex, but the second has to be female.

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