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Ask Me Stuff Meme / Mandolin / Work

Getting To Know Me, Getting To Know All About Me (meme)
Got this from olna_jenn, and my question to her was if she was who I thought she was, and she was! Yea for long lost friends refound!

Here's the problem with LJ: we all think that we're so close, but we actually know next to nothing about each other. So let's fix that. I want you to ask something you think you should know about me -- something that should be obvious, but that you have no idea about. Ask away. Then post this in your LJ and find out what people don't know about you.

Ask away, I'm braced.


I'm getting pretty good at a few of the songs I've been practicing, "Danny Boy," "The Soldier's Joy" (both good Irish songs), and the Dixieland ones. I haven't been able to practice in over a week. I bought a beginners' instruction book with audio CD. After I got home and looked it over, I realized that it was shitty. There were illustrations of fingering for two different chords and they were the same picture. The chord tabs in the book matched nothing else I'd been told or shown. Unfortunately, it was the only mandolin book in the store. I took it back the next day, and they said they don't usually do refunds, but I could exchange it. After looking around for 20 minutes, I went back to the register and said, "You have no other books on mandolin, you have no tuners for mandolin, you have capos, but I already have one, and you don't even have strings for mandolin. I'm not going to buy $18.50 worth of picks." They gave me a cash refund. I'll have to order something online, because evidently, it is not a very popular instrument around here. Feh!


I've started the daunting task of organizing the overflow for the main files. There are four different locations for the overflow, with 35 shelves. I made a spreadsheet to show where the overlap is, and one could have to check up to 8 different shelves for a single file#, plus the main file where it would be if there were room. I got about a third of it done on Thurs and Fri. If this week is quiet, I might be able to finish. It's not something I've been asked to do, but everyone who asks what I'm doing says, "Yeah, that really needs to be done," when I explain.

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