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John Kerry is ruining my TiVo experience

The following is a MandyDax Special Rant. Your regularly scheduled journaling is obviously not important enough for us not to interrupt it with something you care nothing about.

So, I'm addicted to another "reality" TV show, Last Comic Standing. So I TiVo'd it and started watching about halfway thru. After the first 5 seconds of high speed fast-forward, I utter a pained "You Sons of BITCHES!!!"

Our local NBC affiliate, KWWL, thought I would much rather watch John Kerry talk to a bunch of people in Dubuque than watch Last Comic Standing. They thought to pre-empt the first 38 minutes of this weekly dose of stand-up hilarity. Then they returned me to my regularly scheduled program, already in progress So instead of seeing six wonderful comics do their sets so that I can vote for up to three of my favorites, I only saw half on Tammy Pescatelli's and all of Alonzo Bodden's sets. Then came the recap, where they show only 20-30 seconds apiece of each set. Then came the credits and a preview for the voting results show on Thursday.

And then this really put the iron in irony. The really important news alert came on. You know the one. It's about the deluvian storm that is upon almost all of the viewing area. Priorities... not in order... must try... not to have aneurysm....

I probably shouldn't go on so about this, as it is just a TV show and I can watch the rerun on Friday. It's just the principle of the thing.

I liked the one joke I saw from Kathleen Madigan, and it is oh so apropos. "If I were John Kerry, I wouldn't even campaign, or run ads or anything, because his wife owns Heinz Ketchup. I'd just run one ad, the day before the election: 'I hate to do this. If you don't vote for me, I'll take away all the ketchup.'"
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