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LC+ / Bare Bear

LAUNCHcast Plus
I went thru a list of fans of artists that I like and who they like, and I was reminded of a bunch of artists I couldn't just think of off the top of my head.

Another thing is that I can subscribe to a person's tastes, and Launch picks some songs to play on my station based on that, too. So tonight I found zimthehomicidal (yes, flower76, I have watched them all!) and industrial_nightmare, who have love of many of the same bands I do, and some I am unfamiliar with. I wasn't sure about this feature, but I really like it. I heard some Helmet and Coldplay, and I think I like them.

I listen to this all the time at work, which is so nice. I figured out that you can turn off the explicit lyrics, too, so when Perry Farrel says that all he wants is to fuck, the player won't play that, and I don't have to dive for the mouse.

BTW, the other day, I put 100's on both versions of "I Won't Be Home for Christmas" by Blink 182, and got to hear it twice in three songs. I love it, as I sympathize with their sentiment. Thank you, joshwasta!


"I'm Naked!"
I found the following while looking for gift ideas. I think I'm disturbed, but I'm laughing too hard to notice.

Birthday Suit Bear @ VT Teddy Bears
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