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LJ / Credit Card II / LAUNCHcast / DDR

Yay LJ!
Haha! For two nights in a row now, I have read the last 20 friends' LJ entries and commented on some and even made an entry myself. My friends list has grown again and it's ever harder to keep up. It's a good thing.


Credit Card? Part II
So as I mentioned yesterday, I'd considered getting this credit card from an app I got in the mail. I stuck the app halfway in my purse to read the next day at work if there's time. Well, the cats ate the half sticking out. I take this as a sign. I will pass on this card offer.


Yea LAUNCHcast!
I really like the plus version with no commercials. It gets me through the day at work with favorites and new music alike. If you'd like to listen to what I like, I've put the link on my LJ page. Let me know if there's anything I might like that you're not hearing.


Exercise? Me?
Ok, I'm officially addicted to DDR. I play it everytime I go over to flower76's house, and now I'm jonesin' for a set up of my own. I plan to use it as an exercise program for myself, as it always gets me sweaty and winded. I think this will be my Christmas present to myself. BTW, does anyone have a link to a site with good instructions on how to duct tape the pad so it doesn't get all fritzy?
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